CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Use the best tools to meet your CRM needs



Learner Insight

With CourseCo you can build a detailed picture of your learners, using data. Your sales, admin and course delivery teams will all be working from a single unified platform that contains all of your customer data.

CourseCo enables you to also build a historical picture of your learners. From the CRM your team can see their personal details, their previously attended courses, accessibility needs and general preferences. Knowing what’s good for your learners is always great for your course business.




Efficiency through Automation

Winning course providers create a great experience for their learners across the entire customer journey.

Imagine how much more efficient your course business would be by automating things like timetable notifications and billing reminders. Emails and SMS reminders are delivered in real time to staff and students based on pre-defined triggers.



GDPR Compliance

Our CRM helps you stay on the right side of the law. With CourseCo you can simplify GDPR compliance and ensure your business meet all regulatory requirements.

Our workflows and learner databases were all designed and built with GDPR in mind right here in Limerick. The CRM offers you the ability to add communication consent and preference centres.




Powerful Segmentation

CourseCo’s CRM allows you to easily segment your learners into data sets and serve them with automated relevant content.

Your contacts are the lifeblood of your marketing and sales strategies. With CourseCo you can learn more about each individual contact and sort them into contact lists that will help turbo-charge your marketing efforts.


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