Customer Portals

Managing a course or training business can get complicated when you have learners, trainers and admin staff to manage. 

CourseCo is the best tool for building lasting student and staff relationships as it arms your organisation with a highly intuitive digital platform for students and staff. All of the portals that we offer are scalable and secure solutions that integrate well with other applications.

Explore our Student Portal functionality below. 


Keep your learners in the loop

With CourseCo you have a 360-degree view of your learners. You can manage everything from their personal details to course preferences and academic records.

Imagine being able to sort and categorise your learners by payment status or fully automate your learner's booking process. 



Manage Attendance and Grades

Students can now have their attendance tracked and recorded digitally thanks to CourseCo. Digital attendance tracking minimises human error. We can arrange for automatic attendance notifications to be sent to parents when their child is marked absent.

CourseCo also allows teachers to run online assessments and assess the performance of their students. Your teachers and trainers can assign individual students with assessments scores and virtual report cards.



Trainer and teaching staff portals

Our portals aren’t limited to just students. CourseCo also offers custom branded portals for your teaching and admin staff. Staff portals allow you to share mission critical data about upcoming courses and events with your team. Access your database of trainers instantly from any device and use the in-built messaging tool to start an important conversation.

Whether you are a a small training outfit or larger QQI accredited body, building strong relationships between management and other staff is not a simple task. Don’t forget that staff of every rank are individually crucial to your company's growth. CourseCo has a portal for all types of course providers to help bridge the gap.



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