Customer Case Studies

Hundreds of companies all over the world are using CourseCo to grow stronger and more efficient course businesses.

Below you can learn more about just a handful of these course providers that have taken steps to ensure their business is even more successful in 2019..

Client Case Study: Salesian Agricultural College

Salesian Agricultural College have never been more efficient, thanks to their new website management and course booking platform, powered by CourseCo. CourseCo worked with Salesian Agricultural College to tackle the challenges that they faced in their business and improved productivity across all departments. With CourseCo, all of this education provider's departments are now working together in tandem with each other and directors have a clearer vision of where their business is going through reporting and digital insights.

CourseCo were easy to work with from the start and have transformed our course business. Their course platform has significantly reduced our admin costs and continues to save us a huge amount of time every week. We're all for efficiency and are confident that we have a system that really works!

Derek O'Donoghue - Principal of Salesian Agricultural College


Case Study Facts

  • 60% increase in booking conversions
  • Simpler student access to assigments
  • Less cash management

Client Case Study: Voiceworks

Voiceworks offers vocal training lessons to people who love to sing! The college is growing fast with 15 trainers on the books, offering lessons across Cork and Kerry. Voiceworks needed more than just a simple e-commerce website. Hours of Gemma’s time was being taken up every day trying to manage her staff using spreadsheets. It’s hard to manage the workload, timesheets and payroll of 15 staff members manually. Within a week of working with Voiceworks, CourseCo built a customised solution for Gemma and her team. Voicework’s new and improved website allows website visitors to browse for courses that may interest them, locate their nearest trainer and pay Voiceworks in real time.

We struggled to find a way to manage both our students and staff. Keep everything going in the right direction was painful… but then CourseCo came along! CourseCo has gone a long way to helping us take control of any admin issues in our business.

Gemma Sugrue - Owner at Voiceworks Vocal Training.

Case Study Facts

  • 200% increase in website traffic
  • 7 systems no longer needed
  • 100% of course materials now delivered digitally


Client Case Study Testimonial: Kilmartin Educational Services

Kilmartin Educational Services has become one of the fastest growing Course Providers in Ireland thanks to CourseCo. The key to their success lies in the many value-added features which they have utilised on the platform that were built specifically for Course Providers. The Easy to use CMS platform allows Kilmartin Educational Services to add new payment options to the website as required. Students can now find courses and services that interest them in One Click. As they continue to grow as a course provider so does their website - they can choose to add optional extras from a list of dozens of features in time.

Choosing CourseCo was easy. I was able to fully customise what I required, avoid overspend and ensure I got exactly what I needed to drive my business online.

Julie Kilmartin - Owner of Kilmartin Educational Services


Case Study Facts

  • Bulk SMS reminder service has significantly reduced no shows
  • 40hrs saving per week on manual printing
  • 200% reduction in manual marketing efforts

Client Case Study: Brookfield College

Brookfield College are on an upward trajectory, thanks to their new website management and course booking platform, powered by CourseCo. CourseCo tackled the challenges that this popular English language school faced and built a high converting Secondary School website that facilitates online booking and scheduling. In just a number of months they have already seen some major gains. Website traffic, which was healthy to begin with, has grown significantly. Their visitor to lead conversion rate has surpassed 100% in growth, while the number of incoming course applications have doubled.

CourseCo gives our students a really easy way to browse and pay for courses online. As a result, website bookings at our college have increased two-fold in recent months. We're always delighted to hear more about new features as they are added to the course platform.

Elisha Dowling - Principal at Brookfield College.

Case Study Facts

  • 100% increase on conversions in first 3 months
  • 80% decrease in queuing waiting times with booking
  • 217% increase on website traffic


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