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Learner Progress

Measurement and results are vital when it comes to online learning. With CourseCo, not only can you see which learning modules individual learners have taken, but you can also observe their progress and run interactive exams.

Simply set the scoring parameters in the platform and watch as exam submissions fly in! There's no better way to put your learner's knowledge to the test.




LMS Reporting

The CourseCo learning management system (LMS) also allows your team to create custom reports based on individual learners, segmented groups, courses and locations.

This helps you to understand which courses are most popular and which courses are not doing so well.



Embrace Blended Learning

In this day and age, embracing blended learning is critical. Whether your a small training outfit or a large school, CourseCo allows you to complement your classroom training with online recap sessions.

Top of the class students can self-enroll in extra courses that they have an interest in and a full library of course materials and data can be stored under a secure login.



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