A little about CourseCo

Based in Limerick City, we’re techies with a personal touch. We noticed that most course providers are missing something - essential digital tools to run their business. We're ready to help you to better understand and connect with your learners. 





CourseCo’s range of advertising tools incite action and increase conversions. If you’re struggling to catch people’s attention with your current website then it’s simply not working hard enough.

Our platform’s content, lead capture and storytelling tools will create a lasting impression on your visitors.

Key Highlights

  • Responsive Landing Pages
  • SEO Tools
  • Surveys and Forms




Booking & E-Commerce

CourseCo are experts in the booking industry and have built an unparalleled booking system - with security at its root. Each and every CourseCo website has a course booking system seamlessly built-in.

It’s never been easier for Course Providers to instantly receive online bookings and payments for their courses and other services.

The system also allows you to to accept payments in all currencies, meaning that you can accept international learners without any issues.

Key Highlights

  • Learners Pay Online
  • Manage Subscriptions
  • 3-click booking





Communication is key in the course and learning industry. You can rely on the CourseCo platform to help you build trust with your ever growing database.

It's never been easier to collect data from your contacts and relay important information. You will simply never lose touch with your contacts again.

Key Highlights

  • Direct messaging
  • One-click contact search
  • Create contact groups




Finance & invoicing

Whether you are a small or large course provider, CourseCo’s financial brain will help demystify your payment process.

We provide a solution that helps manage everything from invoicing to payments and receipts.

We know that cash flow is paramount to your course businesses success. Remember, reliance on spreadsheets is a huge risk to your business in today’s world. By eliminating spreadsheets you can encourage accountability across your entire finance and admin team.

Key Highlights

  • Invoice Learners
  • Manage Transactions & Payments
  • Purchase Ordering




Course Management

Creating insightful and blended training plans is now a reality for course providers of all shapes and sizes.

With CourseCo you can manage an unlimited amount of learners and drill down into the leaner database with ease to find information that you need to run your business efficiently.

Key Highlights

  • Online Courses
  • Course Scheduling
  • Manage Multiple Locations





Day to day delivery of accommodation is made easy with CourseCo! When a course booking is made, you can match the booking to a room on the portal. This helps remove the manual work, resulting in better revenues.

Key Highlights

  • Online Course Content
  • Run Assessments
  • Publish Results




Isn’t it nice to have everything in one place?

The CoursecCo messaging system allows you to instant message, email and text reminders and important communications to individual contacts or thousands of contacts in one go.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a solution to manage bulk messaging and trigger based replies.

Key Highlights

  • SMS Reminders
  • Bulk Texting
  • Segment Learners into Groups




Document Management

How much time do you spend on boring administrative tasks?

CourseCo encourages simplified document management and helps keep course providers organised with automatic PDF generation and a clever mail merge function.

Ready-to-go templates and easy file sharing gives your team access to critical information when they need it, reducing the amount of time spent searching for files.

Key Highlights

  • Online Templates
  • PDF Generator
  • Mail Merge



iOS App

Each CourseCo website and learning management system can be published as a branded mobile app. Publish content, run assignments and deliver results right into the palm of your learners hand.

Your learners are all on their mobile phones and that presents you with the perfect opportunity to connect. Our innovative iOS app option offers everything you need to deliver relevant and meaningful content to your learners.

Key Highlights

  • One Swipe Attendance
  • Smart Dashboards
  • Timetables On the Go





CourseCo allows course providers to design workflows and web based forms without the need to learn code.

This allows you to streamline your business processes and increase administrative productivity through setting rules.

All of our clients complement the easy to understand workflow interface and the ability to duplicate workflows and forms as needed.

Key Highlights

  • To-do Lists
  • Reminders
  • Triggers





From the minute a booking is made on a CourseCo website our powerful platform starts collecting valuable data and insights.

From outstanding payments to bookings, the CourseCo reporting tools mean that finance professionals can generate detailed sales and turnover reports on demand to help balance their accounts.

Key Highlights

  • Custom Reports
  • Set Targets & Goals 
  • Find Best Performing Courses





With CourseCo’s SEO optimised websites and landing pages you can quickly generate interest in your courses. Your website is fully mobile responsive and ready to drive your message home.

If you’re launching a new course or looking to target specific learners, your site will help you tap into any market. This is your place to tell another story and inspire your website visitors or social followers.

Get creative by uploading an attractive banner - no graphic design skills are needed!

Key Highlights

  • CMS with In-Built Blog
  • Google Indexing
  • Banner Advertising




CourseCo integrates with the apps and websites that your learners use every day. With no technical expertise required, you can create rich experiences for your learners and connect CourseCo to everything from your accounting package to your payment provider.

With 100 integrations and growing, choosing CourseCo as your all-in-one course management tool for learners and staff has never been a better decision.

Key Highlights

  • Quick and Easy Integrations
  • 100+ Integrations
  • Connect to Apps and Web Services




Customer Portals

Say no more to conflicting schedules and customer confusion… everything you need to deliver quality learning experiences is right inside the customer portal!

CourseCo’s platform allows your customers to gain full control over their day-to-day classes through automation and logic.

Your learners can manage individual course timetables and access a bank of shareable course notes in the cloud at all times.

Key Highlights

  • Learner Portal
  • Trainer Portal
  • Staff Portal



Online Registration

With CourseCo you can become a market leader by providing easy registration and online vetting for your individual learners. This is a crucial step in improving efficiencies in your business.

An online application process requires much less attention from staff. It removes the need for many manual processes and means that your most valued staff can now focus on value-adding tasks.

This is a great example of using technology to automate processes without sacrificing user experience.

Key Highlights

  • Reduce Admin
  • Easy to Create Web Forms
  • Automatic Email Reply



Our plans start from €79/mo


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