Administration and the time cost for Course Provider

For course providers, balancing business-driving tasks and essential administrative tasks can be hard. Typically course providers spend more time carrying out administrative work than any other task.

Take some time and think about your life as a course provider. Do you spend a lot of time devising strategies that will expand your business, or does much of your time go to answering business calls and answering emails? Your answer is probably the later!

If administration is sucking the life out of your business, you need to embrace a administration and learning management tool like CourseCo. Consider how much time you would save on the following tasks.

Collecting customer data

One administrative task that can take up a lot of your business time is collecting and processing your client's data. When the heat is on you and your staff can spend hours sorting through and organising information and data about clients and customers.

Luckily, CourseCo can save you a lot of time by automating this process. With CourseCo you can create online forms to capture data and integrate these forms with the CRM system of your choice. What’s more, Course has may inbuilt CRM functions such as Bulk email and SMS technology at its core. This allows you to automate the process of informing students and clients about upcoming courses and lessons.

Invoicing students and processing payments

Everyone needs to get paid, but invoicing and billing can take up a lot of your business time resulting in other lost revenue opportunities.

With CourseCo’s website booking technology you can collect payments from students and course attendees on the fly. CourseCo integrates with Stripe, Paypal, Realex and more allowing you to accept instant payments using an easy to use and secure online booking system.

CourseCo allows you to fully automate your invoicing system. Real time financial reporting allows you to view and collect income statements on demand allowing you to focus on customer experience and brand building tasks instead.

Stop wasting time on administration and start using CourseCo in your business. You’ll enjoy improved earnings and more students looking to join your courses in no time!