Are these Training Challenges familiar?

Despite the unique point in time we find ourselves in, at CourseCo we’re keeping trainers connected with their learners right across the world. Many of our clients this week have thanked us for being responsive to their needs and helping them to overcome challenges that they never imagined they would face in 2020.

We believe that every training business is different in its own right - and that each has its own unique set of challenges. The only certain thing about a challenge is that there’s always a solution that’s never too far away. 

We took some time over the weekend to analyse data from some of the  workshops that we have run in the past, to identify the problem areas that training providers typically need most help with.

Have a read and let us know if you too experience any of these challenges.

Planning Schedules: 

Every training company needs a schedule planner of some sort so that they can quickly and efficiently build class schedules that meet the availability of both trainers and learners.

Training organisations need to be super organised when it comes to timetabling. It's vital that learners and trainers alike are can be confident that their training slot will not conflict with other classes and events. Think of all the considerations that need to be made as part of this process from trainer/student availability to classroom opening hours and holidays.

If you’re struggling to plan course and instructor schedules, or if you’re finding it difficult to work out what resources are required for a variety of your courses please consider getting in touch.

Organising Learner and CRM data:

Your data as a training provider is crucial to your businesses success. The information you hold is something that helps you monitor everything from your training success, marketing efforts to sales activity. This data can also be used to ensure that you’re paid on time - every time.

At CourseCo we take your data that little bit further. By using CourseCo’s in-built CRM, you will always have a detailed view of your learners, how they are progressing and what level of instruction they are enjoying. This is particularly important in training organisations that provide certified CPD offerings. We understand that certain organisations are tied to a legacy or preferred CRM system, and we have this covered thanks to our range of platform CRM integrations.

If you feel you could do with having a better, more structured, view of your learners please consider talking to one of our CRM advisors.

Delivering Engaging e-Learning:

As a leading training provider, you might have the knowledge, but do you have the means to deliver this knowledge in a customisable and engaging learning environment online?

Our platform has a Learning Management System (LMS) that facilitates training providers of all types, allowing them to deliver online training courses and solutions both internally and externally. If you’re just starting out in this area we are happy to steer you in the right direction by sharing our expertise with you and your team. So many. training providers are turning to CourseCo to keep their business running virtually in 2020.

If you need help visualizing and "digitizing" your training please consider taking part in one of our dedicated virtual workshops.

Automating training communications:

For many of our clients we build custom solutions with powerful backend technology which can help automate key tasks including managing content, managing invoice reminders and generating automated reports.

Training bodies and organisations that use our platform can automate events thanks to rule based triggers. Many of the training providers we work with for instance, are saving dozens of man-hours per week with our automated attendance alert system, our certificate generation system and our 3-click booking system that take huge pressure off admin staff.

If you’re looking for further inspiration we’ll happily show you a number of ways that you can save time and money through clever training automation.

Measuring Results Against Business Goals

Running your entire training business through the CourseCo platform has a number of game changing advantages - including the ability for training managers to easily work out which courses and sales efforts are really working and proving effective for their business.

CourseCo allows you to easily track goals, create reports and make changes to the way you operate your training business easily. By having everything in one place your team can be super responsive to the changing needs of the industry and your learners.

Want help measuring results against business goals? Hop on a call with one of our training business experts and they’ll be happy to advise. 

This article summarizes some of the challenges that training providers face in the new learning environment they find themselves in. Please contact us on (061) 513 030 if you would like to learn more about how the CourseCo platform can help you reduce cost and improve efficiencies in your training business.