As a course provider are you experiencing these pains?

When scaling and growing fast for the very first time, cost control can be a huge challenge for small businesses. When companies may have a lot going on and when staff are consumed in work, they become blind to what their actual profit and opportunity cost is.

Course providers and managers in this situation may find themselves drowning in unexpected and invisible costs. To put it simply, scaling fast can be incredibly frustrating. What's even more frustrating is that much of this cost cannot be easily measured and it's not always a monetary cost. Often the solution is to introduce a set of systems that help manage operations - but course providers should be wary that not all platforms are equal.

You may be familiar with or have found yourself experiencing the following pains:

  • Unbilled Admin - This is where the technology stack for the various important functions and departments of your business is siloed away in different locations. This makes jumping between platforms and getting an across-the-board view of your business and its operations incredibly difficult. So many course providers waste time by trying to relate functions like admin, teaching, sales, marketing and finance to one and other. The confusion that this creates only results in long lead times and an unclear view of what is actually happening in the business.

  • High Training Costs - Companies that choose a range of systems over one overarching system might save a small sum of money in the short term by opting for the cheaper solution - but in the medium to long-term they face higher training costs when dealing with multiple systems and serious knowledge gaps which that can’t simply be solved with retraining.

  • Business Blindness - Without a clear view of all the key metrics across the entire business, more and more time is spent on admin tasks as managers piece together reports to support key business decisions. With CourseCo however  admin, teaching, sales, marketing and finance reports are fully integrated in one robust system - so that reports, insights and learnings that would usually take hours to craft can be exported instantaneously.

  • Heavy Customer Support - As you onboard more students the requirements for keeping satisfaction levels high get more burdensome. This can only be solved with a suite of better communication tools. With CourseCo your website and online messaging is instantly improved. CourseCo’s bulk SMS tools also mean that customer support can be automated to some degree.

With CourseCo, course providers are off to a flying start as the platform offers them a simple one-size fits all solution. Even simple things like the ability to access all areas of the business under one login and the reduction in website management and development significantly increases efficiencies and drives costs down.