Building Brand Awareness as a Course Provider

We have all come across products and brands that appear to pop out of nowhere only to become a huge overnight success. The truth of the matter however is that brands cannot be built overnight and behind every successful business or brand lies a lot of hard work and a well defined strategy. 

Whether they are running evening classes or building a private training business, successful course providers know from the outset that they must pay attention to their brand development just as much as any operational or strategic element of their business. 

To enhance your brand as a course provider, all you need to do is follow a few steps and get your creativity flowing. Building a brand is tough work, but it shouldn't’t be too expensive. All it takes is a little bit of commitment. If you’re struggling to build your course and training business brand here a few pointers to help you out.

1. Use a website that is built for Course Providers.

You need to find tools of the trade that are well suited to your area of business and expertise.  One of the best strategies that we can recommend as a leading provider of Course Booking Software is that you find a website package that is built especially for those in your niche. Why would you settle for a website package that is not built specifically for you and your industry? 

Here at CourseCo we believe that having the right tools for the job makes building your Course Business much easier. For example, our 3-Click booking tool was developed with course providers in mind and makes it easy for your customers to browse and book a course that captures their imagination. CourseCo also has integrated marketing tools that help Course Provider to manage their SEO optimisation and social media efforts with ease.

With a customised website booking solution it’s always much easier to create a buzz around your product and spread the word about your business. What's more, our packages include Course Management Software that will help you build an even stronger relationship with your clients.

2. Actively engage online.

As a course provider, you need to build relationships with key decision makers in the areas that you specialise in. This is rather daunting for a course provider who constantly finds themselves chasing their tail. With social media however course providers can now engage with prospects and encourage them to book a course online without the need to ever pick the phone.

You need to start building a social presence by connecting with bloggers, posting in LinkedIn groups and searching for opportunities using social tags. It’s hard work, but can be carried out at any time of the day or night from the comfort of your home or office. Posting valuable content on social media will go a long way towards increasing interest in your course business and building a strong brand. Remember, it’s much easier to convert once you have gained a customer’s trust.

3. Develop a mobile-friendly site

According to a recent survey, mobile devices account for up to 80% of website traffic in your industry. This means that if you are still running a Course Booking Website that is best viewed on a desktop - you are quite simply living in the past.

Remember that the majority of your target market access the internet through mobile devices, so if you want to build a successful brand you have to be able to direct customers to a website that is fast-loading and easy to use. Good brands by their nature should enhance the customer experience - not inhibit it!

You can achieve this by adopting CourseCo as your Online Course Booking Application. At Courseco we use a mobile-first approach so that all of our client websites are mobile responsive and easy to use. Our websites display well on all devices meaning that your customers can get to know you and your course business much quicker!