Course Provider Pain Point #4: Overcomplicated Tracking and Reporting.

Course providers need to simplify their data – or their business will die!

Making sense of data – whether through tracking or reporting is difficult. It’s got to a stage where course providers are completely bogged down trying to understand data terminology, crazy complicated tools and over the top GDPR regulations.

On the other hand – your company’s data is probably the most valuable asset in your business. Never forget that your data can work hard for you if it’s analysed and used correctly. It’s just that sometimes the way you analyse your data has to change if you want to make the very most of it.

If you’re using tools that spit out unnecessarily complicated reports there’s a high chance that you’ll face problems when actually trying to translate this data into value. This means that the extra layer of complexity that your current reporting tool adds is only creating additional work for you.

What course providers really need is instant access to their data while it’s ripe and relevant. If you’re looking to learn from your data so that you can get an idea of which courses are selling/not selling… and which trainers are performing/underperforming.

You should consider these important factors when choosing a system to suit your business.

Data structure:

All of the data in your course business should be pulled from various different sources into the one system. For example, if you have one spreadsheet for each and every course you’re running – the aim should be to get to a stage where all of the information on these spreadsheets should be contained within one easy to understand database.

Data Detail:

You should consider the level of detail necessary in your business now and going into the future. You want all of the information to be presented to you on one screen for ease of readability. Remember that sometimes less is more. Everyone wants to be able to deep dive into their data… but at what point are you distracted to the point that you miss valuable discoveries?

Data Display:

Ask yourself whether you’re a visual learner or an analytical learner. Some people simply can’t work with or extract insights from heavy numeric data reports. Different learning management platforms display their data in different ways. If you can find a platform that presents your data in a uniformed and clear cut way – you’re halfway to making better business decisions.

At CourseCo we want to help course providers run their business more efficiently and cost effectively. Our platform features and in-built tools can help reduce your costs and grow your learner base. If you’re interested in learning more please connect with us on social media or call our product team on +353 61 513 030 today! We can’t wait to hear from you!