Did you know that we don’t all learn in the same way? 

Students and trainees all learn in different ways, whether through formal training, self-directed learning videos, assessments or online courses and presentations. While some of your students can absorb information by reading an article on the fly, others may need to watch videos or participate in a competitive assessments for learning objectives to truly sink in.

Successful course providers and trainers need to discover what learning methods work best for their individual students. Research shows us that significant learning progress can be made where course providers offer multi-format lessons across both digital and offline channels - catering for the needs of every student or learner.

At CourseCo we understand that unsuitable teaching styles can have a major impact on learning and that’s why we have created an industry leading solution that helps you as a course providers to offer multi-format learning experiences to your students and learners with ease. 

The CourseCo learning management and course booking system not only allows you to increase and have full control over your course bookings, but also enables you to quickly provide your students and learners with tutorials, lessons and assessments that are always available online.

While we may have more learning options than ever before, our clients tell us time and time again that the majority of students need crucial processes to be explained to them in detail a few times before they even begin to take the information in. With CourseCo, students can take the very same lesson over and over again online, until it sinks in! A blended learning approach with the help of CourseCo can result a huge time and cost saving for course providers.

With the CourseCo Learning Management System you can:

  1. Create online courses

  2. Run online assessments

  3. Track certification

  4. Provide mobile learning experiences

  5. Talk directly with students online (Social Learning)

  6. Gamify the learning experience

  7. Publish video classes and lectures

  8. Collect instantaneous course payments online

We’d like to hear more about how and when your students and learners prefer to learn and also which learning platforms you have worked with in the past. 

Next time you’re teaching a class be sure to ask your students the following questions:

  • How do you find time for learning? 

  • What is your preferred method of learning? 

  • Why do you like or dislike formal training? 

  • Do you like learning online? If not, why? 

  • Does social media play a role in your learning?

Did you know that we never charge course providers for tools that they don’t need and if they need extra features added to their site they simply move up a pricing tier.

Train your students and customers better and faster with CourseCo. The powerful course website builder and learning management system that you need to achieve training success. Get your free trial and demo by talking to our product specialists on (061) 513 030 today.