The Value of a CourseCo Workshop

Having worked with hundreds of companies on a national and international level since our inception in 2008, we understand how important it is to meet the exacting needs of our customers.

The CourseCo Workshop

Such is our belief that we have developed a unique workshop process which we actively encourage all new clients to engage in before embarking on a new software or website development project with us or any other service provider.

The CourseCo workshop offering is a process that helps clearly document business and project objectives when it matters most – from the outset. This workshop process includes a comprehensive systems audit and the development of an agile roadmap with concrete recommendations.

How it Works

We understand the importance of keeping our workshops client focussed and they provide potential clients with an opportunity to voice project concerns and desires from the very start. By identifying opportunities and threats right from the start, the activities we carry out over the course of a project are much clearer. This enables us to provide more value over the course of the project than any other software development house.

There are the three elements to a CourseCo workshop:

  1. Business Model Canvas: This is a strategic management template that we use to document your business model. It is a visual chart with elements describing your company's value proposition, infrastructure, customers, and finances. 
  2. Systems Audits. At this stage we analyse the locations of data silos that your business keeps. This covers everything from data kept on paper to data that lives in the software systems you use.  We break down each silo and rate your current setup under various categories.
  3. Agile roadmap: From the data already extracted in the previous stages we find your company's top 10 ten pain points and discuss how they can be tackled. From here we sort these pains into Agile Sprints for completion. Each Sprint is pre approved and executed in recurring 2 week periods. We pride ourselves in delivering value in short cycles. All of the planned sprints are presented on a roadmap for you to consider and approve.

At CourseCo we want to ensure that your development needs are met and this process promotes idea generation, collaboration, and project decision making. Even though there is low fee for our workshop, the value it provides saves our clients in the long-run and accelerates the development cycle.

Why a Workshop is Important

For us it's incredibly important that we engage with new clients on this level before helping them to market and automate their business. It's important to understand that we are not your typical software partner. Where some software partners rely on page builders and generic content management systems, we rely on our CourseCo platform that was painstakingly developed over 10 years and growing.

We have the rare ability and expertise to help businesses scale and grow through custom feature development and fully customisable solutions.

In essence by engaging with CourseCo on a workshop, at your business location or ours, we can help you better understand:

  1. Whether you know where you want to go next.
  2. Whether you have the people to get you there.
  3. Whether we are a good fit for your business.

Train your students and customers better and faster with CourseCo. The powerful course website builder and learning management system that you need to achieve training success. Get your free trial and demo by talking to our product specialists on (061) 513 030 today.