20 Course Provider Pains

No course provider's business is run perfectly - sometimes life simply gets in the way! At CourseCo we specialise in helping course providers find solutions to problems. In this article we list some of the pains that course providers approach us with. You would be surprised at how many course providers experience these pains.

Do you find any of the below pains familiar?

If you have a pain that you would like to add to the list please let us know!

  1. Marketing and selling your courses online.

  2. Accepting & managing course bookings online.

  3. Disorganised customer information.

  4. Overcomplicated tracking and reporting.

  5. Low learner retention rates.

  6. Unnecessary or irrelevant data entry.

  7. Inability to generate the required reports.

  8. Overloaded with manual work and learner questions.

  9. Threat of cyber crimes and GDPR non-compliance.

  10. Delay in third party payment processing.

  11. Struggling with multiple logins and business connectivity issues.

  12. Struggling to keep learners motivated.

  13. Language and translation barriers.

  14. Dealing with slow to pay learners.

  15. Fragmented experience across different devices.

  16. Nonexistent platform training for your staff.

  17. Difficulty balancing processes, tasks and people.

  18. Communicating with learners in a meaningful way.

  19. Facing an ever-expanding role with recurring or repetitive tasks.

  20. Your website content isn’t SEO optimised.

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