3 Online Payments Tips for Course Providers

Are you a course provider? Are you tired of having to handling payments manually and always keep cash on hand in your business? Perhaps it’s time you provided your customers with the option to make payments online with ease with a website booking platform. 

Selling your courses and classes online is not a walk in the park, but by making it easier for customers to sign up for courses on the move you can increase conversions and maximise revenues over time. Below are some online payment tips that will go a long way towards helping you gain a competitive edge over other course providers growing your business:

1) Be mindful of user security

Research shows that customers will back out of an online sale if they feel that there is a threat to their personal information when making an online purchase. If you want to sell yourself as a credible course provide, you should use an SSL security link on your website - and make this known. This well known online quality mark will communicate a certain level of trust to your prospects. 

It’s vitally important that Course Providers stay in the loop when it comes to cyber security and ensure that they are always well informed about developments and issues in this space that may be relevant to or impact their course or training business. CourseCo integrates with Paypal, Stripe and Realex at its core, so our clients needn’t worry about user security issues when accepting website booking platform payments.

2) Offer an easy to use checkout

While you may be a Course Provider at heart, when converting new business your only goal should be to give your clients as seamless a user experience as possible as they navigate the payment process. In the courses and training industry providers often run legacy websites with clunky and out of date booking systems.

Naturally a poor checkout process increases the risk of potential buyers becoming frustrated and abandoning their cart in favour of another site. To combat this risk Course Providers should always ensure that clear call to actions are used throughout their website so that visitors know exactly what to do if they wish to sign up to and pay for a course or class. 

With CourseCo’s one page checkout feature, visitors to your website can choose their course, fill in their details and make prompt payment - all from the one easy to navigate page. The future is in keeping it simple for your clients and customers.

3) Choose a website booking platform that’s easy to use

Choose a robust and easy to use system like CourseCo when embracing online payments and you can’t go wrong. CourseCo’s payment system will not impact the general day to day running of your site in any way. Using CourseCo’s powerful CMS system users can still enjoy complete creative control over their website, graphics and page content. 

When small businesses embrace online payments they can often find it hard to absorb the vast amount of new data they are seeing. With CourseCo you can install tracking and visual dashboards on your website so that all staff within the company can get a good idea of how the business is performing. 

The Course and Training industry is changing rapidly. Course providers must focus on constantly staying ahead and improving their client service level. Accepting online payments is now quite simply a necessity and not a nice to have.

At CourseCo we want to help course providers run their business more efficiently and cost effectively. Our platform features and in-built tools can help reduce your costs and grow your learner base. If you’re interested in learning more please connect with us on social media or call our product team on +353 61 513 030 today! We can’t wait to hear from you!