5 Social Media Tools All Course Providers Should Be Using!

Whether you’re a small training company or a larger course provider, we’re sure you understand the time and energy that goes into being vocal and active on social media.

It’s become almost impossible to manage social media channels without the help of third-party tools and services. If you aren’t using the tools and technology that’s out there, it’s likely you’re wasting huge resources.

We’ve gathered a list of social tools that all we feel all course providers should consider using as part of their digital marketing efforts. By using some of the tools below you are sure to find that it’s never been easier to track results and engage more efficiently across your social platforms and digital channels.

Here’s to saving time, increasing conversions and scaling your course or training business!

1. Hootsuite

When it comes to planning and managing social media posts, Hootsuite is a lifesaver! It offers course providers everything they need to publish and plan their content. One of the really nice things about Hootsuite is that it also includes a social listening tool which allows course and training providers to scout out and identify conversations they want to get involved in.

The platform is incredibly easy to use as Hootsuite have invested a lot of time on user experience. Multiple social accounts can be displayed side-by-side for quick and easy review and commenting. Hootsuite also offers detailed reporting features which means that you’ll never have to log in to your native social platforms again!

2. Bitly

Have you ever found that your website links are so long that they look unsightly when posted on social media? Bitly is a URL shortening service with a lot of extra functionality for course providers.

With Bitly you can share attractive links with your customers, staff and prospects and track everything from the click through rate to the location of the person that opened it.

If you are selling or promoting a course we would recommend that you run a few different marketing campaigns initially and perform a split test so that you can then run with the one that is working the best. Bitly makes this incredibly easy as it means that you can instantly track the success of your split testing campaigns in real time.

3. Lightroom

Since social media is all about creating inspiring and interesting visuals, we thought it best to include a tool that helps course and training providers to manage and create compelling graphics and inspiring photos.

Adobe’s Lightroom product is surprisingly easy to use. In our experience, users don’t need to have any editing experience to bring their social imagery to the next level. Lightroom allows you to edit photos and organise them in a fashion that fits in perfectly with your content planning efforts.

With Lightroom you can create vibrant and on-brand photos. Simple select from a range of pre-loaded sliders and filters to generate amazing social visuals. Adobe have also released a light version of lightroom which means that you can edit your photos and graphics on the go from your smartphone or tablet.

4. HypeAuditor

A big issue in social media of late is fake followers. Just like fake news, fake followers are bad and potentially damaging to your brand and business. Quite simply fake followers do not engage with your content and this in turn leaves companies with lower engagement rates than they should have on their social accounts.

With HypeAuditor you simply run your social platform through the system and it automatically deletes any follower accounts that are fake. You can set it up so  that it performs an audit on a once-off or regular basis. HypeAuditor also allows you to analyze your audience in great detail so that you can find out where they live and what their age and gender is.

We hope you enjoy using these clever social tools!

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