Are you experiencing Systems Fatigue in your course or training business?

Every course and training company we talk to want to make the most of technology, and for good reason too! When used correctly, the latest technology, tools and integrations can extend the possibilities of your website and business. There’s no doubt that new and emerging technologies keep customers happy, help improve productivity and continue to offer great opportunities for every course business.

Course businesses must be careful however in combining multiple tools when developing and building key business processes that they use on a daily basis. Time and time again we meet business owners who use multiple systems, tools and spreadsheets to run their business. In the short term this might work to some degree, but as the number of tools they use grows and as their database gets bigger, the systems they use to manage and gain insights from their ever-growing pool data can become overwhelming and rather confusing.

Many businesses chosen quantity over quality and up paying for multiple tools that don’t integrate well with each other. These tools usually have individual logins which means that course providers spend more and more time navigating from one tool to another to get even a simple job done. Ultimately the result is that the business becomes less and less productive with each new tool added to a workflow. At CourseCo we call this negative effect “systems fatigue”.

For any business in the course and training space to operate effectively, managers should only have to log on to one platform for a full overview of how their business is performing. Management should also be able to see how many bookings were made on any given week, how much money is outstanding and what courses are not filling without having to individually log into both their accounting package, their booking software and an event scheduling tool.

To keep your business running efficiently in the long-term, as a course provider you need a solution that supports your operations in in every sense – under one single login. That’s where CourseCo can help you and your business. With CourseCo you can fully manage every aspect of your course business using one central login. CourseCo will help you to do everything from answer the questions you have about the performance of your business over a given period to helping you communicate with your student base via bulk messaging when plans change at the last minute.

Businesses can get started with CourseCo by enrolling in a CourseCo workshop. Here, everything from the hardware to software to payment gateways that the business uses on a regular basis are analysed as part of a systems deep dive. This deep dive helps the CourseCo team to better understand the way the company works so that a custom solution can be tailored for that business.

Businesses that choose CourseCo are guaranteed to save time and money as they are empowered to move away from systems that are draining their energy and zapping productivity. Allow us to introduce you to our platform which has all of the administration, operations and marketing tools you need in one place.