Benefits of Using an Online Booking System

Managing a course and training business has changed significantly in recent years. Business is now done at the click of a button and physical brochures have been replaced by user-friendly websites. There’s no longer a need for you to sit by the phone and wait for that golden phone call in order to make a profit!

CourseCo is a complete online booking system for course providers and has a huge variety of practical applications for business users. Our Course Booking Platform is especially relevant to course businesses like you who want their customers to make bookings in advance and pay upfront.

If you want your course or training business to grow in 2019, consider these top Online Booking System benefits:

Always open

Imagine how much you could increase your sales and turnover if you were always open? With a booking system from CourseCo you can accept payments and make bookings twenty-four seven! Online booking systems work for you all of the time and give your customers the freedom to book a course at their leisure. Customers simply visit your website and make a booking, whatever the time and whatever their location! You are most likely missing out on great opportunities if your website is not able to accept bookings after close of business.

Reducing Workload

An online booking system takes workload from staff and dramatically improves your customer’s buying experience as the transaction is instantaneous. It puts the power into the hands of your customer - in a good way! Your staff won't be tied to the phone waiting for phone calls and customers can research and make informed decisions about the courses they are interested in without having to ask a litany of questions. CourseCo will allow your customers to check availability and browse real-time information and course schedules on your website. This saves the Course Provider both time and money and minimises admin errors which can lead to negative customer experiences.

Business Insights

Courseco comes with various reporting and analytic tools. As a Course Provider you will be able to develop insights and take key learnings from that data that you collect over time. This will allow you to better understand your customers and their preferences and will provide insight into which courses are selling and which are not sell at particular times of the year. You can then use this information to focus on areas that need improvement and strategically grow your business.

Reaching Customers

By embracing our technology, Course Providers can target the masses who search for services online each and every day. It’s only natural that if a Course Provider wants to make more bookings they should be more visible online where they have access to a much bigger pool of potential customers. What's more, it’s worth remembering that there’s always more opportunity to upsell course products and services online. Online customers are worth more to your course business than standard customers.

Reduce no-shows

Research shows that people who book courses online are more likely to show up for the course. The CourseCo online booking system allows customers to save the booking directly into their digital calendar making it impossible to forget about the course they have booked. With CourseCo you can also send appointment reminders through the Bulk SMS and email tool.