Better manage your team with CourseCo staff management features.

Staff management software has become an indispensable asset for course providers. Even smaller course providers are letting go of the idea that having such a system is  costly and unwarranted. With CourseCo your staff management system is built into your website and learning management system at no extra cost. This allows course providers to leverage the latest technology at an incredibly low cost.

The CourseCo staff management system like any workforce management system  allows you to improve business efficiency by combining different HR and administration processes under one login that is shared with your LMS and website.

Basically, the staff management system from CourseCo enables you and your course managers to improving decision making and monitor and evaluate progress in real time and on the fly.

There are many staff management systems on the market - but at CourseCo we specialise in building staff management systems for course and training operators.

We have built a user friendly system that offers course providers a one-size fits all  solution which can be customised or added to as necessary and as your business grows.

Below we have listed a few of the key features that our staff management system offers:

Teacher profile:

With CourseCo each of your instructors or teachers can log into the CourseCo website under their own unique login. This allows them to share homework modules and content with their students. Each teacher or instructor can personalise their login so that it is set up in a colour scheme of their preference and according to the features that they use the most. The real beauty about this feature is that management have access to a database of instructors for information purposes. This profile can contain anything from qualifications, headshot photos and personal details such as classroom location, telephone numbers and contact emails

Staff Timesheets:

CourseCo’s time tracking tool allows your teachers and instructors to enter the hours they’ve worked on a weekly or monthly basis and have them approved by a manager. This saves a lot of administration time and means that there is no need to monitor the hours that an employee works. All of the course providers we work with have noticed how much time is saved by moving away from working with outdated spreadsheet templates. There is also less opportunity for error or overpayments when staff are recording their time using a time tracking tool. The Staff Timesheets tool can be further customised for your needs so that as well as viewing clock-in and clock-out times, managers can track employee time on individual lessons and get a good understanding of which lessons are taking up most time when it comes to lesson planning and marking.

Staff To Do Feature:

At CourseCo we were amazed by how many of our clients had found it difficult to find a productivity app that’s was easy to use, manage and share. We were told that some were difficult to use, some had too many features and others didn’t provide even the most basic of time management features. We set out to create a lean ‘To Do’ feature for our customers which allow staff to quickly set tasks, prioritise these tasks and reorder these tasks. Our ‘To Do’ feature has a simple UI meaning that it’s uncluttered and easy for users to see what tasks are outstanding and plan ahead.

Staff Chat:

Communication is key when it comes to the course and training industry. CourseCo allows teachers and instructors to chat with each other and management from any location. Staff chat means that your team can help each other in real time, exchange important information and just catch up when in general.

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