Course Provider Pain Point #1: Marketing and selling courses online.

Course providers are slowly but surely realising that it pays to sell and develop online learning content. The fact that you’re reading this article means that you probably already realise how powerful the internet is and how it can help you to sell more courses.

When selling courses however, many course providers are stumped when it comes to driving relevant traffic to their website. They see their competitors turning over thousands of courses each month but still struggle to connect with potential customers and close sales. 

It’s important to remember that a good course provider is only ever as good as the marketing tools they have at their disposal. CourseCo is a course booking engine with a difference. Behind all of the bells and whistles is a suite of advanced digital marketing tools.

Our range of advertising tools are invaluable to course providers as they are built to encourage action and increase conversions. If you’re struggling to catch people’s attention with your current website then your current systems are simply not working hard enough.

Overcome your selling and marketing challenges with these four tools:

Lead capture Landing Pages:

With CourseCo you can build dedicated landing pages for the targeted marketing campaigns that you run. This means that customers that come across your offers and campaigns can better digest the messages you’re pushing out and  easily request further information about the course if they are interested. One thing that’s for sure is that with CourseCo your email list and incoming sales enquiries will rocket from day one of using the platform!

Storytelling tools:

Did you know that by telling your brand story well, you have the power to phenomenally increase the perceived value of your course? The CourseCo platform allows users to add relevant news updates and publicise important communications site-wide without having to know a line of code. Our storytelling tools also allow you to create stunning banners for your home page and high traffic pages within minutes.

Responsive Landing Pages:

User experience is a cornerstone of good digital marketing - and that’s why we have invested countless hours into ensuring that all of our website landing pages are fully mobile responsive. In the training and learning industry mobile web traffic accounts for 60%+ of all of your website traffic. Stop and think about that for a moment. This means that your website pages have to be designed for mobile first.

SEO Tools:

When it comes to SEO, everything you need is at your fingertips with CourseCo. You simply load your chosen keywords and phrases into the in-built SEO tool and wait for the search engines to find you. This means that from the start you are building towards achieving top search engine ranking positions in the future.