Course Provider Pain Point #3: Are you a disorganised Course Provider?

Are you wearing too many hats as a course provider? Everyone does it… but it takes real guts to admit it! While being busy can be good… being disorganised and running an unstructured operation can cost you money and time. Many course providers we work with approach us because their customer information is siloed away in different digital locations which leads  to them and their staff constantly chasing their tails.

Having disorganised customer information can effect your course or training business in many ways. It’s our belief that all course businesses should be automated to a degree. This allows trainers and business owners to focus on areas of the business that are most pressing. Remember, when your customer information is disorganised then your team are disorganised which only leads to inefficiencies that fester over time. 

Here are a few thoughts and tips on disorganised information and disorganised processes and how they can impact your course or training business.

How does being disorganised impact your course business?

Effectively it can be a huge time suck! If your customer information is disorganised it means that most of your employees spend their day endlessly trying to fix problems by sifting through databases and spreadsheets. This ultimately can lead to confusion in your business itself. If your data is not in an organised manner it means that your staff may be doubling up on tasks without even knowing it or giving your valuable clients conflicting information.

Disorganisation kills productivity!

Imagine if we told you that several things you are doing right now is stifling productivity and harming your trainer learner relationships. As a business owner or manager your team are looking at you for guidance and leadership. If your CRM and systems are organised then their job to sell more courses and maintain a good environment for learners is much easier. On the other hand...if your systems are a mess and disorganised your team probably feel frustrated. It is this type of negative environment that kills productivity and results in unmotivated employees.

Organisation Tips for Course Providers with disorganised information and processes:


1. Use a specialist CRM or dedicated learning management system

Course providers need to start embracing technology to help manage learners, projects and tasks. If you can get your entire team and learners online with dedicated e-learning technology you can much better see what’s happening in your business and use these insights to plan, track and allocate resources to future projects and tasks.

When it comes to disorganised customer information you need to get to a place where every aspect of your business is easily documented and referenced in one single system. Imagine being able to see exactly where all of your trainers were at any given time and have full booking visibility over your upcoming course calendar. 

2. Automate Bookings

Most course providers don’t realise how much time it takes to enroll a new learner on a course or training day. You can eliminate “wasted time” immediately by introducing a well designed booking system. This will allow the vast majority of your learners to book a place on an upcoming course without ever needing to pick up the phone. We’re not suggesting that you cut the cord on your phone lines whatsoever - there will always be learners that need to talk to an advisor - but you need to get to a place where the majority of your learners are able to book online unassisted. 

3) Make it easier for disorganised learners too!

By pushing course notes and lessons up into the cloud, your learners and students have no excuse to email your busy staff members looking for resources and training documentation they are missing. With learning management software all of your course-goers are given an individual login from which they can access training plans, presentations and essential reading from their laptop or mobile device.

Remember, you don’t need to do everything yourself! If you feel like you have too many things on your plate as a course provider, it's important to reach out to a company that specialises in learning management software.

At CourseCo we want to help course providers run their business more efficiently and cost effectively. Our platform features and in-built tools can help reduce your costs and grow your learner base. If you’re interested in learning more please connect with us on social media or call our product team on +353 61 513 030 today! We can’t wait to hear from you!