Course Provider Pain Point #6: Why are my payments for courses delayed and other gripes...

Some booking systems like do not pay over the money collected on course bookings right away. So why choose CourseCo over a booking system that delays paying out on course bookings?

 1) You're probably saving on fees by going with CourseCo.

We prefer transparent price levels that let everyone use our platform. Some providers charge you and your customers for the privilege of using the platform. With CourseCo, we never charge per payment and the only fee is the one from your preferred payment partner (Realex, Stripe, Paypal, etc.) Typically, our customers pay a fraction of what other platforms charge per transaction, meaning your profit margin stays intact and the cost of courses are lowered for learners.

2) CourseCo offers real time bookings with real time payments.

CourseCo will pay you what is collected for classes in real time as learners sign up. Some other booking platform providers will only pay you your income after the class or course takes place. This can present some course providers with a huge cash flow issue.

3) CourseCo offers a full experience for your learners with no hidden charges.

CourseCo is yours to manage as you need. We have over 100+ integrations that allow you to completely customise your customer experience. CourseCo is built with educators in mind. Every integration is tailored towards potential learners/students.

At CourseCo we want to help course providers run their business more efficiently and cost effectively. Our platform features and in-built tools can help reduce your costs and grow your learner base. If you’re interested in learning more please connect with us on social media or call our product team on +353 61 513 030 today! We can’t wait to hear from you!