CourseCo is a great alternative to EventBrite.

Are you currently using EventBrite to publish and sell courses or training days? To its credit, Eventbrite allows course providers to manage registration for all types of classes… however for most course providers this comes at a cost.

CourseCo allows Course providers the exact same functionality and is an excellent alternative to Eventbrite. With CourseCo you get everything you need to plan events and sell tickets in one platform with one single login at a much lower transactional cost.

So why choose CourseCo over Eventbrite?
1) Get paid upfront and wave goodbye to expensive fees.

10c per transaction vs. 4.5% + 50c

We prefer transparent price levels that let everyone use our platform. Eventbrite charges you and your customers for the privilege of using the platform. Eventbrite typically charges you and your customers 5% to process a booking. With CourseCo, we never charge per payment and the only fee is the one from your preferred payment partner (Realex, Stripe, Paypal, etc.) Typically, our customers pay a fraction of what Eventbrite charges per transaction, meaning your profit margin stays intact.

Most importantly - CourseCo will pay you what is collected for classes in real time as people sign up. Eventbrite, on the other hand, will only pay you your income 7 working days after the class takes place.

You get a complete website package that’s cheaper than Eventbrite in the long run yet boasts many of the same features, including:

  • Unlimited event publishing
  • Course/Class website widget
  • Customizable attendee questions at checkout
  • Real time sales reports
  • Personal support or messaging functionality

2) Own your customer experience

CourseCo is yours to manage as you need. Do you need to take applications/assessments prior to customer sign up? We can do that. We have over 80 add-ons and 30+ plugins that allow you to customize your customer experience. This is great for data processing, collecting marketing information and any supplementary information you may need to process an application.

See how Ballyfermot College of Further Education collects applications using CourseCo.


3) All Course Providers are welcome.

It's all in the name. CourseCo is built with educators in mind, not events. Everything is tailored towards potential learners/students, not event goers. Outside of selling you can also schedule courses, manager trainers/ teachers, timetables, course locations, course credits and so much more.

Let’s get you set up... CourseCo is a simple and complete alternative to Eventbrite. But don't just take our word for it. Give our product specialists a call on (061) 513 030 and learn how you can start selling more classes online.

If you want to lower ticket fees and want to get paid faster, plus you want access to more selling features and support than you’ll get with Eventbrite, start selling your classes and events now with CourseCo.