CourseCo Jan 2020 Release Notes

The January 2020 CourseCo platform update delivers enhanced iOS messaging functionality, improved third party integrations, better report generation capabilities for CourseCo users and innovations across the booking and time-off engine.

Enhanced iOS messaging:

Learners with an iPhone can now get their point across much better thanks to the improvements we’ve made to our iOS messaging engine. Learner protection is a hot topic in 2020 so we’ve added a feature that allows iOS app users to control in-app conversations by allowing/disallowing replies or turning on/off replies midway through a conversation. 

A new group chat feature which allows users to start group conversations has also been added.

Improved 3rd Party Integrations:

To help make the process of selling your courses and e-learning products even easier, we’ve improved our Twilio and Xero integrations. This means that you can now set up advanced SMS alert rules. 

CourseCo can now automatically send a text message to Parents and guardians in the following cases:

  • When their child is listed as absent at the time roll-call.
  • When outstanding money is due.
  • In relation to booking reminders.
  • When the administrator requests course feedback.

Better Report Generation:

You can now print a roll-call directly from the reporting dashboard and generate advanced payments reports that outline monies owed to permanent and contract staff based on the time-logs they submit at the end of each period.

These latest reporting improvements empowers both administrators and teaching staff alike. There’s never been a better time to build a single view of your teachers and learners while simultaneously gathering deep customer insights and data.

Booking and Time-Off Innovations:

Get ready for our new lightning fast booking experience with an advanced bulk booking feature. We’re focussed on continuously improving the booking process so that users save time and become more efficient when carrying out manual admin tasks. Admins now have full control over the booking system. This is useful in cases where an entire organisation or organisational departments are attending a training course together. 

General improvements were made to the CourseCo Time-Off tool. These enhancements and the addition of a new planner will allow teachers to work faster and smarter.

This article summarizes the changes made so far in Q1 2020, for the CourseCo platform. Please contact us on (061) 513 030 if you would like to learn more about the improvements we have made so far this year.