Do you offer your Learners a Unified Web Experience?

At CourseCo we rely heavily on feedback from our customers. We take the opinions of course providers very seriously and continuously work to improve our learning platform based on the valuable thoughts and insights of our users. 

It has become increasingly evident that our customers work online more than ever before, and on a daily basis access to the internet via a multitude of devices and platforms. Course providers and their learners want a Learning Management System solution which they can dive in and out of from multiple devices and networks without missing a thing or experiencing disruption. 

From accessing downloads and saved files to managing passwords - CourseCo offers a fully unified website experience that’s constantly being improved to meet the expectations of course providers in Ireland, the UK and further afield.

Focus on User Experience

If you want to achieve a truly unified web experience, it takes more than just adding a bit of flair to your site or making your site mobile responsive. Even some of the finest course provider websites that incorporate online bookings, portals and reporting tools are not truly unified. If the tools on the site were built independently of each then this leads to a fragmented experience for site visitors.

Web designers that build truly holistic sites understand that their focus on user experience and the unification of the various tools and elements on the site will time and time again deliver greater customer satisfaction and conversion success.

At CourseCo, our front-end development team work closely with our designers and engineers to deliver unified systems that will encourage your customers and prospects to engage with and keep engaging with your website via multiple points of contact. We deep dive into the mindset of your customers to better understand their priorities, behaviours and motivations.

Achieving Cross-Platform Design

Course Providers simply need to up their game in an increasingly competitive learning landscape. To achieve good cross-platform design, course providers must commit to working with their development team to ensure that moving from one website function to another is as seamless and stress-free a process as possible for the customers that are browsing their site and seeking information.

To achieve good cross-platform design you should start by asking yourself a few questions:

  • Who are your website users and what range of devices do they use?

  • Do your goals extend as far as offering learning modules across multiple platforms & devices.

  • Is consistency in visual design important to your brand and customers?

  • Do you accept that visitors to your site via mobile will be presented with refined information sets.

By offering your  website users to navigate seamlessly between different systems and devices, without losing work or time, your productivity and profitability will naturally increase. CourseCo provides your customers and learners with seamless compatibility and synchronisation making every keystroke and task easier.

Train your students and customers better and faster with CourseCo. The powerful course website builder and learning management system that you need to achieve training success. Get your free trial and demo by talking to our product specialists on (061) 513 030 today.