Do you spend lots of time managing learners and scheduling classes?

How CourseCo can help with learner management...

Every course provider we talk to wants to follow up with their learners in a timely manner…but dealing with student queries at different stages of the learning lifecycle, different teaching locations and different languages can be overwhelming!

At CourseCo we offer course providers solutions that allow them to better keep track of their students - by automating customer service processes and learner reporting.

With our powerful CRM tool, course providers can get a good idea of how their students are performing at a glance! Essentially, the CourseCo system collects any information you have gathered about a student. In time course providers are left with a comprehensive and useful learner database.

You can organise and group learners into different segments, and automate certain communications such as payment reminders and results notifications. CourseCo offers course providers a readymade, customised solution for learner management, without a sky high enterprise price point.

Think of all of the areas of your business that the CourseCo CRM platform can help you streamline. We’re talking about everything from your course admissions process, to sales reporting to individual learner information storage.

Clients that sign up to the platform have full support from our Limerick based product specialist team should they need help or training along the way!

How CourseCo can help with scheduling...

Course providers simply love our scheduling platform! While scheduling is an easy and well understood process… course schedules can often be hard decipher and even harder to create.

As a course provider you have to find workable scheduling combinations and take into account everything from classroom size to trainer availability at the planning stage. The hardest thing about scheduling is that once you’re finished planning out a schedule it’s either time to make another or your schedule becomes redundant due to operational changes and needs to be edited!

CourseCo is ideal for schools and other educational institutions that need to quickly schedule classes. We make course scheduling easy again by allowing you to manage multiple staff members, courses and even rooms or locations from a single digital calendar. By using CourseCo’s class scheduling software you’re ensuring that your learners have all the up-to-date information they need. No more miscommunication!

Thanks to the CourseCo branded app, you can share interactive mobile optimised calendars to encourage students to show up on time and stay on top of their tasks.

The CourseCo platform is also focussed on providing both students and staff with clear and easy to follow scheduling options - so everyone's a winner! Some of our course provider clients have reported a drop in no-shows drop by 90%! 

Talk to us today and let us show you how your training college or school can benefit for years to come with our CRM suite and Scheduling Assistant.