Five of our Client’s Favourite CourseCo Features

Did you know that course providers of all shapes and sizes are embracing online technology more than ever? 

It’s never been easier for training providers, schools and grind schools to harness the power of the internet to maximise revenues and automate their operations.

For our customers this journey starts with the CourseCo platform. We enable our clients to take bookings and payments directly from their website and time and time again our clients tell us that they’ve never looked back!

CourseCo doesn’t stop at just taking bookings however... it’s also feature rich and built to assist course providers in every aspect of their business as they grow. 

Here are some of our client's favourite CourseCo features. 


CourseCo allows you to create and publish detailed timetables and calendars, meaning that students or attendees visiting your website won’t miss a thing. Couple this with the fact that staff can make updates and adjustments in real time from their very own login and you’ve got a complete course management tool. The calendar function ensures that as a course provider you can keep on top of everything and stay organised.

Bulk SMS

We understand the power of communication and that’s why the CourseCo platform has a built in Bulk SMS and Mass Communications feature. We help course providers around the world keep in touch with their database by giving them the ability to create and send critical messages on demand. This functionality not only helps keeps customers informed… it’s vital in boosting customer retention, increasing customer loyalty and reducing no-shows.

Secure payment integration

Secure website payments is a top priority for first time visitors that may be interested in booking a course on your website. On unfamiliar websites the absence of a secure payment offering leads to trust issues and ultimately reduces conversions and sales. CourseCo integrates with a number of trusted and well regarded payment gateways such as Stripe, Paypal, Sage Pay and Realex, allowing visitors to make payments with confidence. The CourseCo platform also allows course providers to accept part payments and deposits.

Easy to Use Website

At the heart of every CourseCo platform is a powerful CMS system which allows course providers to have full control of their website. This allows our customers to fully brand and stylise their website. Users can also publish new content and pages with ease and modify their course schedule on the go. All CourseGo websites are fully mobile responsive and are designed with the course industry in mind. 

Reporting & Analytics

With CourseCo you can effortlessly export customer and financial data in PDF, DOCX or CSV format. With this feature, course providers have access to valuable reporting that can be used to help manage and optimise business performance on a day to day basis. Imagine the value in identifying how many students book into one course versus another. Data can also be displayed on easy to read interactive dashboards.