How CourseCo can automate Course Businesses.

One of the key factors that differentiates CourseCo from other course administration systems - is our ability to deliver tailored solutions for course and training providers.

We meet enthusiastic course providers on a regular basis - who present ideas that simply can't be handled with off the shelf platforms.

At CourseCo we strive to understand client requirements by running workshops that help us to build out goals and understand the systems that are in place. We will never deliver an off the shelf solution that only partially fulfills a client's needs.

Sample applications:

For many of our clients we build custom solutions with powerful backend technology which can help automate key tasks such as:

  • Managing bookings
  • Managing customers
  • Managing content
  • Managing invoices
  • Managing report

This means that while our users can take advantage of standard CourseCo features they can also set up system rules which allow them to for examples generate a report which details all students in a faculty or segment students by attribute.

One of our key clients, Kilmartin Education Services save up to 10 hours per week with an automated attendance alert system so that manual text alerts don’t have to be handled manually after each and every roll call where a student is absent from class. We worked closely with Kilmartin Education Services to move their entire member management process from spreadsheets to our robust  online platform which has greatly improved administration in the organisation. Now that the details of course-goers have been centralised in the database, Kilmartin Education Services can leverage this data into meaningful information and reports.

Another one of our clients, Brookfield House was using pen and paper throughout their operations. We embarked on a mission to make it as easy as possible for students to make bookings and for staff members to manage day to day sales efforts and business operations. The solution we delivered encompass a combination of many bespoke automation requirements from Bookings to Member Management. Through our platform Brookfield can now generate accounts and store attendee data automatically when students sign up for new courses.

While we have described a number of sample applications in this article, they only serve to document some of the things we can achieve for course providers and training businesses. The beauty about the way we do business is that your creativity will be matched by ours!