How CourseCo can help both Students and Teachers.

With CourseCo, your staff members are able to:

1. Create a meaningful and nurturing learning environment for all
students: The simple, flexible, and intuitive format of the CourseCo
learning space provides course providers with powerful tools that help them to to improve their communications and engage with potential
course goers.

2. Facilitate learning even outside the classroom: The platform is
populated with tools and resources that allow course providers to offer
their students virtual learning videos, presentations, readings to
supplement classroom lessons. This is particularly useful for course
providers who offer distance learning courses.

3. Enrich traditional learning with custom features and tools: The
CourseCo development team can build a fully customised solution for
your course business.  Course providers looking for a fully customised
solution can add extra features to their website such as gamification
features, online forums or subscription tools.

4. Provide access to a database of rich course resource. With a
CourseCo website, course providers can share assets with their students
including eBooks and e-Journals. This opens up the door for course
providers to deliver quality educational experiences.

With CourseCo, your students are able to:

1. Fully personalise their learning space: CourseCo is the students’ one-
stop platform for learning resources. Students who are using the
CourseCo learning space can use it to help them become more
productive and learn faster and more effectively. They can take control of
their learning pace and organise course tasks and assignments with just
a few clicks and some drags and drops. CourseCo can also send
students notifications relating to upcoming events and exams.

2. Access learning assets and information on multiple platforms: The
CourseCo system is available on several devices through the students
browser. Students can also access CourseCo material via a custom
Android or iOS app.

3. Communicate seamlessly with their teachers and fellow students:
Courses can be rated by students so that the education provider can
gather important insights into course quality. Students can talk to
teachers via the platform and get feedback about their work and latest
exam submissions.

4. Showcase their achievements: CourseCo provides a function which
allows students to digitally print certificates relating to the courses and
modules they complete. This helps students to build a digital portfolio
which can be used after graduation.

Train your students and customers better and faster with CourseCo. The powerful course website builder and learning management system that you need to achieve training success. Get your free trial and demo by talking to our product specialists on (061) 513 030 today.