How CourseCo can help when it comes to QQI Re-engagment

A hot topic in the Irish course and training industry right now is that of QQI re-engagement. The Quality and Qualifications Authority in Ireland (QQI) work closely with private and public course and training providers across many disciplines and industries. Central to QQI’s work is their role as an awarding body for certain qualifications. Similarly, their role as an external quality assurance body is incredibly important for many Irish registered course and training providers.

After much change in the industry and the introduction of a new QQI quality assurance arrangement, it is expected that going forward each and every QQI recognised course and training provider will have a heightened level of responsibility and accountability. QQI affiliated course and training providers will be responsible for putting in place internal systems in their business to improve the quality of the education and training programmes they offer. As part of this change, registered providers must ensure that the standard operating procedures they follow safeguard all of their stakeholders - including but not limited to their customers.

Best Practices and Compliance

Course and training bodies have in collaboration with QQI agreed a set of best practice guidelines and principles to follow as part of this re-engagement process. Thankfully, there is some flexibility for course providers when it comes to re-engagement. Individual course providers are free to introduce a system that best suits their business, their budget and their learners’ needs - once the system they introduce adheres to the already agreed guidelines.

In effect, it is now the responsibility of Irish course and training providers to provide transparent, robust and consistent operational processes for their customers and learners. Quality Assurance is central to this responsibility and course providers must tread carefully during this period of change if they wish to successfully re-establish their valuable relationship with QQI. Course providers who engage and invest in process driven technologies going forward will thrive and investment in technology that provides learners with a well supported learning experience is sure to have a positive impact on the industry as a whole.

Online Booking Requirements

Key to this re-engagement is the requirement for QQI registered course and training providers to introduce an online process in their business which allows them to effectively manage bookings. By adding a booking process, such as CourseCo’s industry leading booking platform, Irish course providers can ensure their continued success and look forward to continued partnership with QQI and other governing bodies.

CourseCo is a complete online booking system for course and training providers and has a huge variety of practical applications for business users. The CourseCo booking platform is especially relevant to course businesses that wish to maintain their QQI accreditation. With CourseCo, providers can accept upfront payments twenty-four seven, reduce workload thanks to time-saving administration tools, gain valuable business insights thanks to CourseCo’s clever reporting suite and reach more potential customers with smart digital marketing and seo tools.

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