Flexible payment options

How much? I can't afford that!

At CourseCo we understand how difficult it can be to make significant brand and operational investments. For this reason we built a platform that works to saves training providers time, saves training providers money and produces a return for course and training businesses.
Course providers have to weigh up pros and cons when embracing any new software or platform. All of the customers we talk to want a solution that offers flexible payment plans so that they can maximise their return.
Here are three ways that CourseCo’s flexible payments plans can help you save time and money when managing your course business.

1. Splitting course payments into monthly payments.

As the old saying goes, time is money! Many of our training and course provider clients run courses that can run into thousands of euro per year. This can be a huge outlay for students and attendees. Having to pay this sum all in one go or via manual installments can be painful.
Training and course providers that don’t offer their students and attendees a full range of flexible payments options aren’t running to their full potential. By offering students and attendees the option to pay for their courses over 3, 6, or 12 months in installments, course providers can cast their net even further than ever and increase their bottom line.

2. Automate payment reminders easily.

Course providers spend too much time on sometimes fruitless tasks like replying to internal emails, checking reports and setting task reminders. At CourseCo we have found ways of cutting back on some of these time-consuming tasks via automation. 
Imagine if you could sit back and watch as payment auto-reminders are sent to your customers before bills and subscriptions are due - so that you can ensure prompt payments. This is now possible with CourseCo. The entire CourseCo platform is built with automation in mind. Let’s not forget that at the very core of every course and training business is billing and sales. 

3. Add interest to payments automatically.

It’s not uncommon for course providers to experience delays in course attendees paying for courses and classes. One great way of encouraging timely payments is adding interest to amounts outstanding. 
The simplest way to charge a customer interest on an invoice is to set up a rule in CourseCo so that interest is calculated automatically in the platform on monies due. CourseCo allows you to generate invoices that add interest charges to the customer's original balance when the customer is either late on a payment or overdue or both. 
Of course, it is up to you whether you wish to charge customers interest. Course providers must use discretion and be careful not to upset customers by charging interest for late payments.
In general CourseCo allows you to generate a payment plan schedule based on any frequency, amount or interest option required!
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