How to remove risk from your Course or Training business!

In today’s day you must be fully aware of the risks and liabilities that come with running a course or training business. CourseCo offers a range of solutions to course providers and trainers that will reduce risk in their business. Many of our customers selected CourseCo as their go-to online management platform as they simply want to stay profitable as a course provider.

Some of the risks you may encounter as a course provider include:

  • Workforce management risks

  • Data loss risks

  • Administration error risks

  • The risk of missing opportunities

  • Taxation non-compliance risk

All of these risks pose a threat to your reputation as a course provider. You can protect your business from many regulatory and administration error risks by choosing an all in one course booking and management platform like CourseCo. With CourseCo you can effectively minimise or completely remove many threats to your business at operational level.

Here are five key risks that CourseCo can help eliminate in your course or training business.

Tax Compliance

Many businesses are taxation non-compliant without even knowing it! It’s only when Revenue come knocking on your door that you may discover that you might have a taxation issue. With CourseCo’s booking system - all of your sales and online bookings are recorded. CourseCo’s powerful API technology enhances the flow of information between its own booking system and your accountancy software so that administration time is cut down. To put it simply, with CourseCo you can account for all of your online sales and bookings, reducing the risk of an audit or revenue non-compliance issue.

Risk of Missing Out:

Every time a course attendee interacts with your website you have an opportunity to connect with them. However, be careful not to get complacent and take website visitors for granted. If you are not tracking customers... then you are likely not taking learnings from your website and could be missing opportunities. You need the analytical insight that CourseCo offers to spot online growth and development opportunities. Courseco comes with various reporting and analytic tools to help you develop insights and take key learnings from that data that you collect over time. You can then use this information to focus on areas that need improvement and strategically grow your business.

Spreadsheet Data Loss:

You may ask us what is wrong with using a spreadsheet to track sales and manage your course or training business. Our answer is EVERYTHING! A spreadsheet does not automatically update like a CRM system. CourseCo offers a platform from which you can manage all aspects of your business. Only a CRM can be effectively and efficiently shared with your entire base of course instructors and admin staff at the same time. Finally, by choosing CourseCo over spreadsheets you can easily keep track of your business operations and sales with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your data won’t get lost, outdated or contain missing information.

Mistakes that simply shouldn’t happen:

When we first talk to clients they tell us tales of how they are overly reliant on certain admin staff. It’s great to have a strong team behind you, but having a reliance on certain staff members can present a huge risk to your business. What happens if even one of these important staff members decide to leave their role or become sick? Do you have the knowledge, time or energy to replace them at short notice?

With CourseCo you can automate many of your admin teams activities. This means that if one of your admin staff team members are absent CourseCo will keep your business ticking over with minimal supervision or input on your part.

Want to find out how CourseCo’s features and in-built tools can help reduce risk in your business? Connect with us on social media or call our product team on +353 61 513 030 today! We can’t wait to hear from you!