Identifying your most profitable courses.

When you’re busy running an online course or training business, it can sometimes be hard to figure out which of your courses or training programmes are pulling in most profit.

For course and training businesses, the Pareto principle usually rings true. Most of the business owners and managers we work with swear that a small handful of the many courses they run usually make up most of their revenues.

The secret sauce in the course and training business lies in identifying your most profitable courses and training businesses. Course providers who identify which courses are working best can laser focus their marketing efforts on these courses and programmes to grow their business beyond their wildest dreams!

We can’t begin to express how important it is to identify the golden goose in your course or training business, so that you can invest effort and money in the right areas of your business. After all, if the demand for your product just isn’t there, you can invest your entire life savings into marketing, but still your consumers won’t bite.

By collecting the data that really matters, CourseCo gives course providers a full picture of the courses or training programmes that are working best. 
Here’s a snapshot of the insights that CourseCo can provide for your course or training business:

Most viewed course of the month:

This helps you to identify which courses are trending and gives course providers an insight into how seasonal change effects course popularity. With this insight you can plan ahead.

Top selling course of the year:

This is a historical view that allows business owners and managers to instantly see in order of popularity which courses performed best in the last 12 months.

Most successful marketing campaigns.

CourseCo can be integrated with social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. This means that CourseCo users can identify how much traffic these channels are driving to their website. Marketers can also identify which newsletters drove most traffic to their website.

Identify most wanted courses.

With CourseCo, your customers can add courses to a personal wishlist. It’s a quick and easy way to save a course for later… so that they can enroll in it when they’re ready. Managers can view which courses have been wishlisted most.

These are all items that course providers should be analysing on a regular basis so that they can identify what is trending and what is selling in their business.

CourseCo’s analytical tools aren’t always used to just track successes however. Course providers who are really committed to increasing their conversion rates can also view abandoned cart rates.

Keeping a log of abandoned cart rates over time and comparing them with key website changes can help course providers identify what website and marketing tasks are really working.

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