Increase bookings by identifying website issues

If you’re finding it difficult to increase course bookings in your course or training business, you’re not alone. As a course provider you know how important it is to have an engaging website. Something you might not actually be aware of however is that there are many ways that your website might actually be working against you.

1. Your website is hard to use

People judge books by their covers, and the same goes for websites. If your site is badly designed, has a clunky interface or is hard to navigate, it’s likely that a steady stream of traffic are leaving your site which is resulting in losing bookings.

Course attendees are increasingly booking courses from their mobile phones and tablets – if users have a bad experience they are sure to leave the site and book through a competitor’s site. Our team are happy to audit your site and provide recommendations around how your course booking site can be made easier to use.

2. It’s hard to book through your website.

It’s especially important that the booking process is quick, easy and secure on course and training websites. CourseCo’s one click search is designed to reinvent the way students and attendees book courses online. By making it easier for students to book courses customer experience is enhanced and administration costs are cut.

CourseCo’s platform means that potential course attendees are encouraged to make a reservation as soon as they land on a CourseCo site. Visitors to CourseCo websites can also search different courses with locations in mind. This is especially important for location-based training providers with multiple training sites.

3. Your site doesn’t look the part.

The design of your site should reflect your course or training brand and appeal to your target audience. It needs to be slick, modern and professional. With CourseCo all of this can be managed in the easy to use content management system.

Users can upload website banners and logos into predefined fields. Slow loading websites are a huge turn off for potential website visitors. CourseCo’s CMS automatically resizes the images and media that are loaded onto the platform for a seamless browsing experience. Interested in learning more?

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