Integrating CourseCo with your Accountancy Software

CourseCo is a solution for practically your entire business, including your accounting department. Many course providers like to integrate their accountancy software with CourseCo so that their incoming website bookings feed directly into their accountancy software.

CourseCo’s powerful API technology enhances the flow of information between its own booking system and your accountancy software so that administration time is cut down. This is particularly helpful for company’s with a part time bookkeeper or an accountant - as it means that they always have real time booking stats to hand. The process is seamless.

Some of our TOP Accounts Integrations



Save on administration and headaches

Whether you’re using CourseCo as a course booking website, a staff management tool or as a complete Learning Management System, you can integrate it with your accountancy software so that you or your staff can easily keep tabs on invoicing, expenses, and business intelligence - without any administration headaches or having to do any manual tasks.

CourseCo’s API keeps you from wasting any time in entering data twice and lets you better analyze your business’s performance. Since your accounting, banking, and payroll data lives alongside your course bookings, billing, and staff time records, you can use CourseCo’s advanced dashboards and reports to uncover deeper insights about the profitability of your courses, employees, and individual students or attendees. Connecting your accountancy package with CourseCo means that you’ll increase your efficiency and margins.

Flexbility & Control

The integration between CourseCo and your accounting package is a two-way process, meaning that both platforms can send and receive data.

CourseCo gives you flexibility and control regarding what you want the two programs to share. You can choose which accounts in your accountancy package you want to use as defaults, which time and expense details you want to share, the dates range for the data you want to sync, and more.

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