Survival Tips For Training Managers

The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting course and training providers in a variety of ways. From loss of business to remote working and cancelled training, course and training providers are being forced to adapt. 

At CourseCo we are working harder than ever to help our loyal customers change the way they do business and turn the obstacles they face into opportunities.

There’s never been a stronger case for course and training providers to invest in Training Management and Learning Management Systems.

Course providers that reinvent themselves by embracing technology during this difficult time can emerge as a better business.

Below, you’ll find our latest guidance and advice for course and training providers.

Keep Your Spending Under Control by...

Getting More Done With Less Staff.

  • Your staff will save lots of time when you start using a TMS, period! The upshot of this is that these staff can get on with other aspects of their job… and have a break from boring tasks such as data entry and admin tasks.

  • If some of your staff are out sick due to Covid-19, a training management system (TMS) will still allow your business to continue running at its current capacity for longer, even at a time of crisis. Remember, time is money for most course and training providers.

Running Everything from One Single Platform

  • Training management software is a considerable investment for any business. The reason why choosing a good TMS is so important is because it is a training business's one-stop solution for all of their training administration challenges and problems.

  • At CourseCo we encourage all training and course providers to use a single platform instead of multiple platforms to get their work done. There is a serious cost saving to be made where you amalgamate all of your businesses platforms (Messaging, LMS, TMS etc) into one.

Keep Your Employees On Track by helping them… 

Track Time When Working From Home

  • It’s important to have some form of remote work policy... at CourseCo we believe that course and training providers need to make sure they are adequately prepared to handle the challenges of remote work. 

  • When there’s the danger of at-home distractions… course and training providers can use time-tracking tools to help their employees to better structure their day and measure the time spent on a project or particular task. Over time, staff that use a time-tracking tool can see how much time is needlessly spent in certain areas, and which areas need more time and energy.

Communicate with other Trainers and Learners!

  • Training management systems provide users with a smooth channel of communication between managers and employees and everyone in between. The management team can invite employees to interact and catch up about classes and operational events.

  • Trainers also have the option of forming group study sessions with students which help boost training productivity. Putting a messaging system in place for students offers a much more vibrant e-learning environment.