Tackling Invisible Overspending

Course and Training providers can completely transform their business by migrating from online forms and spreadsheets to a website that collects and aggregates data seamlessly.

At  CourseCo we are a team of practical project managers with an innate ability to keep things simple. We don’t get bogged down in irrelevant processes. We are all about keeping things lean and passing our knowledge on to our clients in an effort to help reduce their administration costs and workload.

Systems Audit:

One of the ways that we get to know our clients and their business is by carrying out systems audits. A systems audit is a process which allows us to learn more about the businesses we work with and gain an insight into how they use their various technology platforms. By carrying out a systems audit we can evaluate weak points and make recommendations that are guaranteed to improve efficiencies.

Some of the questions we ask clients when performing a systems audit:

  • What systems are in use in their course or training business

  • What departments and staff use these systems

  • How does the team rate each system for ease of use and business value.

Workshop Audit:

Another way that we can help businesses get a clearer picture of the cost-savings that can be achieved in their course or training business is by carrying out a comprehensive admin workshop. This involves meeting our client’s team and working with them directly to define goals, develop a vision and establish the strategies and solutions needed to get the team there!

Our admin workshop is a hands-on, facilitated workshop which helps us understand our client’s business and needs. Running a face-to-face workshop gives employees time to consider the key questions that we present them with and enables the whole team to gain a shared understanding, explore ideas and develop a direction.

Some of the questions we ask clients when performing a workshop audit:

  • What are the key tasks to complete each day/week/month/year.

  • What amount of paperwork is involved in each task.

  • What amount of admin is involved in each task.

  • How many systems are involved in each task.

The outcome of a systems audit or a workshop audit usually comes as a surprise to our clients. We find that businesses that may be spending upwards of €100,000 annually on admin tasks find that in many cases they can reduce this bill by 90%. Most overspend can be solved by simplifying project processes.

Want to have a in-depth audit carried out on your course or training business? Connect with us on social media or call our product team on +353 61 513 030 today! We can’t wait to hear from you!