Technology and tools to streamline your training business!

As the managing director of CourseCo I frequently write and talk about technology and how it can be used to increase sales and reduce costs.

Trainers and course providers in the know are using technology to their advantage… in fact many of our clients now see technology as crucial to their success. It gives them a serious competitive edge!

This is because ultimately technology can save time for trainers and increase the reach of the courses they offer.

If you’re spending hours each day doing admin or creating and analysing reports… you need to wake up and talk to a learning management company about the options available to you.

Technology and software can save you time and money. It’s as simple as that! Imagine how successful your business would be if you invested some of the energy you spend on mind-numbing tasks into business strategy and networking instead.

The software available to training and course providers has never been better… so I’ve come up with a list of free or affordable tools that you can start using in your business straight away.

Creating surveys for your students and learners

  • Google Forms: allows you to create unlimited basic surveys for your students and learners. 
  • CourseCo: Our platform also allows you to create quick surveys for students and learners. With our solution the survey forms are fresh and easy to read. If you provide students with an attractive survey experience they are more likely to complete the survey in its entirety. 

Emailing Software to communicate with learners

  • Mailchimp: With Mailchimp you store a database of contacts and send them attractive messages, content and offers via email.
  • CourseCo: CourseCo also offers a messaging system so that you can send your based of customers and contacts important communications. What’s really great about CourseCo is that you can combine emails with SMS for ultimate reach and impact. What’s really clever about choosing our platform is that you can firstly design an attractive landing page with our landing page builder and then direct people to the landing page with our messaging tool.

CRM Software to keep track of your learners 

  • Zoho: With Zoho you can sort through and communicate with your learners at every stage of the customer journey! It’s a really intuitive CRM for course providers as it allows you to store vital information and speed up manual tasks. 
  • CourseCo: We always advise our clients to choose a CRM that connects well with the rest of the platforms and systems they use! The real beauty about CourseCo is that it has a wide range of tools (including a CRM) that lives under one login. CourseCo’s CRM allows you to build trust with your ever growing database… and watch as your contact list grows! It's never been easier to collect data from your contacts and relay important information about individual learners.