The CourseCo Student Portal.

CourseCo's Student Portal is already proving to be a boost for hundreds of course and training organisations around the country. With the Student Portal feature it's virtually impossible for any student to fall through the cracks.

Our dedicated Student Portal allows students to take matters into their own hands and manage everything from their attendance to homework submission online. Read more about some of the key features here!

View Bookings

This features gives students full visibility of their bookings. From here they can log in to the portal securely and manage and schedule classes with ease using an interactive calendar.

This CourseCo feature is incredibly flexible and can be used by any business – from first aid training providers to evening class providers and much more.

It’s worth noting that bookings are not just limited to course bookings. A booking might be extra tuition that a student has planned, or a once-off study day that they have opted to attend. This feature is all about giving the student the power to manage and view their upcoming bookings without the need to have to rely on your administration staff to tell them where and when they should be in class.

View Courses

CourseCo provides training bodies and colleges with the ultimate upselling solution. Students and attendees can also view other courses from the Student Portal that may be suited to them and their interests.

Student Portal users are a captive audience who are engaging with your brand. Bringing in new customers is expensive and it costs 6 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain and upsell to an existing customer. We often find that  course providers in our local market have significant, untapped opportunities for growth among existing students. By embracing CourseCo, your staff will learn simple techniques to maximise sales via the Student Portal.


CourseCo also has a powerful wishlist feature which allows students to add their favorite course and classes that they want to tke at a later date to a online list. Most students understand that while they can’t do everything at once… but think they can do everything with time.

Course providers running their website with CourseCo can add the wishlist option to any page on the Student portal with a click of a button. This is a favourite feature for hundreds of CourseCo users around the world - as it makes it much easier for students to carry out informed research. Naturally there is a higher chance that a student will return later and purchase the course if they have added it to their wishlist in the past.


With CourseCo, customers can log into the Student Portal and make payments from any device 24/7. All payments occur in real time - meaning that the student knows instantly that their purchase was successful and that they have a place on the course. Course providers on the other hand can rest assured that the funds will reach their bank account promptly and without delay.

CourseCo’s payment system updates in real time so that managers have an accurate view of sales performance and campaign performance during times of marketing activity. The Student Portal payment feature also reduces administration, helps manage pupil data and in general improves security for everyone with Stripe and Paypal integration.