The trouble with cut-rate Learning Management Systems.

Let’s start by telling you the story of our company. The CourseCo platform was built in Limerick by a passionate team of developers who are simply dedicated to making great software. Over 10 years we built many fantastic products, but it was the solutions that we built for course providers that always stood out from the crowd.

Since 2008, our team has grown to a team of almost 2o people. Our aim is to help course providers to grow their business.

About cut-rate offerings...

When course providers approach us looking for a complete Learning Management System (LMS) we are usually not the only provider they have made contact with. Some of the providers they have also researched are cheap plugin style alternatives. However in the vast majority of course providers see sense and choose our secure and proven platform. Recently this got us thinking about what sets CourseCo apart from cut-rate cost competitors.

1. Training

Setting up new business processes and transferring data from an existing system to a new system is a difficult and risky job. That’s not to mention the cost and effort involved in educating your team about new software. It takes time, training and a dedicated support manager to ensure that a project like this goes without a hitch.

Cut-ratecourse LMS solutions tend to be aimed at the masses which means that if you go with a volume provider you are merely one of thousands of their companies who need help. If you look into the numbers it becomes clear to experienced course providers that the quality support that you will need during this process is simply not there.  You need a dedicated success manager with product expertise so that they can guide you in the right direction. Our customer success manager will have your booking and LMS platform up and running in less than 72 hours.

Cheap volume providers are slow in setting up systems, slow respond to questions and can pose a risk to your businesses profits.

2. Does one size really fit all..?

Does a small course provider with only a handful of employees use LMS software in the same way as a company with an annual turnover of  hundreds of thousands of euro? Does a school use LMS software in the same way that someone running a yoga class uses it?

Our course software was built over time after many local course providers who were looking for a tool that would help their business to grow approached us for help.

At CourseCo we have spent a considerable amount of time researching the course space and speaking to our customers and potential customers. This allowed us to focus our attention on building a platform that truly supports course businesses.

Volume providers quite simply don’t understand small-scale course providers and make these providers pay for a range of features and tools that they don’t really need.

3. Constant Product Improvements

The course space is always changing. There has never been a greater emphasis on saving money through automation.

At CourseCo we have the resources and focus to keep improving our course provider specific offering.

We only work with course providers that we feel we can offer value to. This means that we are not swamped in tickets. Endless tickets and issues can overwhelm teams and kill innovation. For CourseCo however we are perfectly sized to always be focussed on building tools that are guaranteed to help our customers increase profits.

4. A word on pricing

The entry price of many course LMS platforms is deliberately set low in an aim to build market share. From experience we know that companies with this sales style and approach don’t keep their prices low forever. For something as important as your booking engine it’s vitally important that you choose a solution that won’t skyrocket in price in the future. There are also certain providers who take a commission on course sales which in our eyes simply stunts growth.

At CourseCo we charge a one-time fee to get you up and running with a complete LMS website - and then charge a modest hosting and maintenance fee thereafter. It is always clear what you are getting with CourseCo.

We never charge course providers for tools that they don’t need and if they need extra features added to their site they simply move up a pricing tier. 

Train your students and customers better and faster with CourseCo. The powerful course website builder and learning management system that you need to achieve training success. Get your free trial and demo by talking to our product specialists on (061) 513 030 today.