Top tips engaging your learners


1. Welcome your learners, give them reason to say good things about your course! 

Add a wow factor to your online learning content by using engaging tools to drive your learners interest in your content. Introduce your course and your team.. emphasis the WHY they are learning with your company.

Remember, they have just paid money to buy content form you, so give it your best as if you were standing in a room in front delivering a course!

  • Use an intro video clip or audio clip to connect
  • Highlight key points about the course right from the beginning
  • Emphasis why the learner is going to do great working with your company as specialists in this field and how easy to use the online learning platform to view content! They can even collect their cert once they complete the course. 


2. Break up content heavy modules with voiceover's or interesting imagery

Lots of content can be heavy going for online learners.

  • Think about how you train when sitting with a group of learners?
  • Break up your modules or chapters with interesting images, top tips or simply just an audio. Find a good designer that really understands your brand and breakup content with strong imagery.
  • Add audio at the start of end and with CourseCo you can easily add audio's. Simply record on your phone, upload to media and assign to your module for that course. 

Some students are better at listening, this is an excellent selling point for your courses, they can even listen while on the go or in the car. Give your course and content rich slides more options for your learns, by using audio to support the learning journey and top tips about objectives.


3. Connect your trainer and learner with your content...

Throughout your online learning content, consider a profile picture of you and your team or individual specialist trainers who wrote the course content to profile the learner area. Use a video or audio introduction for heavy topics, so it is easily understood. 

  • Think - how can I help my learner understand this content. What would you do when standing in front of a learner... then voice this to really engage with them as they learn alone!

The journey is online and you are selling online courses through the platform, however, the engagement with the learner is about hearing your voice, seeing your picture or being reminded that they are "doing great, keep going".


4. Encourage goes a long way...

Consider adding motivational messages that will give learners positive vibes as they move through your course content. If you want learners to promote your courses, make them standout from the crowd. Think about your businesses unique selling points and marrying these into your online learning content, visuals and motivational messaging to drive positive learning outcomes. 

  • Add messages such "Keep Going - You are Doing Great" or an audio that really delivers this encouragement to your learner. You want them to come back and buy more courses remember! :)

Consider a thumbs up image to close out and congratulate the learner that they have reached the final summit and have done great! 

You've got this! 

Tempy Allen

Co-Founder of CourseCo