Top Ways You Can Sell Out Your Next Event With CourseCo!

Course providers know only too well that they must keep reinventing themselves and find new ways to sell their courses. Constantly finding new and improved ways to sell courses can be daunting. Some course providers feel that they will have to plan complicated sales strategies to succeed - but in reality selling courses online isn’t that hard when you have a robust website system to support your sales efforts.

The easiest way to sell more courses is to leverage your existing customers and community as well as finding people interested in your topic and sharing relevant information with them via email. In this article we’re going to show you various different emails that you can send to your base of customers to create engagement and ultimately increase course sales. Remember, the sales process continues even after customers have signed up for a course.

  • Launching a new course: When you are launching a new course you must send education orientated emails at first. In this early stage phase you must gradually create a need for customers to consider purchasing a course - to the point that they feel that the course will  transform their lives for the better. With CourseCo you have access to a complete CRM system which allows you to send relevant email communications to your base of customers at ease. We would recommend that course providers launching a new course share case studies, webinars and video tutorials with their contacts to help educate and make subscribers feel super special.

  • Pre-Course Communications: If your course or event is not a regular occurrence it’s very important to send reminders to your base in the run up to the start date. The point of this type of pre-course email is not only used to solely communicate timely information about your upcoming course, but is also used to drive course sign-ups. There are a number of different ways to do this. At CourseCo we encourage course providers to create urgency in their communications. When subscribers feel a sense of urgency in an email, they’re more likely to make decisions quickly. This is basic human psychology.

  • Send event reminders to attendees: Emails are usually sent to make your audience feel important. Sending personal email reminders are the best way to do that. With CourseCo you can send emails and text messages that are fully customised with the first name of individuals in your CRM. This is a huge benefit for course providers trying to catch the attention of prospects. You can create further engagement by including interesting facts about the course such as trainer profiles, course sponsors etc.

  • Post Course Thank You: Sending out post course thank you emails to course attendees is the perfect way to let customers know how much you care. A thank you email is simply an email that shows your appreciation for those who’ve attended your course. It is a courteous after-event act that makes the attendees feel valued. This encourages them to come again for other courses in the future. A thank you email builds trust between you and your target audience. This is extremely useful since the trust that you build between yourself and your attendees ensure that in the future, you can connect with them and gather useful information.

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