Turn your course data into valuable insights with CourseCo

In this article we’ll be looking at some of the ways that course providers and educational institutions use CourseCo’s suite of reporting tools.

From the minute a booking is made on a CourseCo website our powerful platform starts collecting valuable data and insights. From outstanding payments to bookings, the CourseCo reporting tools mean that finance professionals can generate detailed sales and turnover reports on demand to help balance their accounts.

Similarly business owners and sales executives can deep dive into historical date in an effort to find out if their latest sales strategy has worked... or if a new partner they have began to work with is helping driving sales.

What questions do course providers want to answer with analytics?

Course providers use the raw data that our reports provide to generate invaluable insights. While most of our competitors provide basic reporting that shows how many bookings a provider is bringing in, CourseCo shows so much more.

Course providers want deeper insights - such as information relating to where customers are coming from, how far in advance of a course did these customers make a booking and which courses were most popular in a given season. All of this information and more is presented in a visual way through the CourseCo reporting dashboard.

An introduction to some of our best reporting features....

All of the reporting features we offer were created on the back of conversations with course providers and clients. When developing our platform we focussed on developing reports that help course providers to make smarter business decisions.

Some of the reports that users can run include:

  • Attendance By Month

  • Bookings By Month

  • Class Roll Call

  • Classes Booked

  • Absenteeism

  • User Activity

  • CRM Contact reports

  • Total Attendance

  • Website Activity

Analyse your data from different vantage points

CourseCo users can take advantage of analysing their data from different vantage points. Users can apply filters and set parameters so that they can really dig deep into their data. Course providers can gather a perennial view of activity over time and see how often a course was booked, how much money it generated over time and which segment of customers booked that particular type of course.

The date filter allows course providers to set a date range, whether it’s over the past year, month or week. There’s no better way of measuring success than comparing one period with another.

As time goes by, CourseCo users can experiment with the CourseCo dashboard and find the best way to track their own businesses performance. Granular reporting styles such as charts, summary reports and generated reports help course providers better understand their market and better organise their courses and classes by  implementing change and improvements.

If you’re a course provider and would like to learn more about our platform connect with us on social media or call our product team on +353 61 513 030 today!