Under pressure to get your course content online fast?

Getting your training business online is hard work and it's something that many training providers we talk to struggle with.

During these strange times, we're doing everything we can to ease the pressures that training providers across the country are feeling. Trainers need to act fast in order to survive and adapt to the rising demand for online digital learning solutions.

With CourseCo you're up and running with a website that allows you to start selling and running courses online in under 24 hours! 

Why training providers should consider CourseCo

  • Unlike other providers we are offering new customers an Unlimited Learners and Trainers package from now until the end of the summer. This offers huge value for training providers that are growing and ramping up their operations.
  • CourseCo have committed to offering free (virtual) workshops to all training providers this year. This means that we can truly help you identify and understand key issues you are struggling with.
  • At CourseCo we want to do everything we can to make life easier for you. We are encouraging current and future customers in Ireland (that have 10 employees or less) to lean on their Local Enterprise Office and avail of the 2020 Trading Online Voucher Scheme. Did you know that this voucher can save you up to €2,250 on 2020 website development costs?
  • Our support team is based in Limerick and always available to support you on your e-commerce journey.

Top reasons to work with us in 2020:

  • SPEED: We can get training providers online in 24 hours and are committed to helping your training team be more effective.
  • RICH REPORTING: Our platform's reporting tools continue to help training businesses get the data they need to evaluate what the evolving threat of Covid-19 really means to their business.
  • UNIQUE: We're helping training providers respond to the current challenges they face - by reviewing and dissecting their learning process for free. Our workshops usually cost over €500. This softens the cost of launching a fully fledged enterprise learning management system.
  • VALUE: We are always happy to help the businesses we work with get the financial support they need to partially fund their e-commerce project.  

What's Next?

If you're operating in the training space it's worth having a call with our product experts who can guide you through what it takes to properly get your business online. Every training business is different!

For smaller businesses (under 10 employees) that are actively trying to get online or want to improve their existing online offering, it's definitely worth checking out the financial assistance that's available in the form of an online trading voucher grant.

The Trading Voucher Grant Process

A grant investment of up to €2,250 alone can go a long way in terms of setting out a digital strategy for your training business. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Attend an online mini-workshop with CourseCo.

Step 2: Apply for the grant through your Local Enterprise Office.

Step 3: We get to work once the grant is approved.

What can you use the grant for?

The €2,250 grant can be used towards any or a combination of the following:

  • A series of edtech IT consultations
  • Implementing a course booking system
  • E-commerce related website customisations 
  • Audit and digital strategy and design
  • Implementation of a digital strategy

Are You Eligible for a Grant?

If your business has less than the equivalent of 10 full-time employees, a turnover of less than €2m and has been trading for at least 6 months, then you can apply for an Online Trading Voucher of 90% of eligible expenditure up to a max of €2,500 for your project cost. You must apply through your Local Enterprise Office.

What if my training business is not eligible for the grant?

If your business does not fall within the eligibility criteria, but you still recognise the need to get your training business online we are still happy to provide a great service at a competitive rates. 

Simply call our office on (061) 151 3030.