Work smarter with the 'My CourseCo' App

Did you know that our customers have access to hundreds of optional extras, including an iOS app add-on? 

If you run a course or training business that relies on bookings, you know how much effort it takes to plan and manage your calendar every week. Students and learners are constantly contacting you and things get really complicated when you have to slot a learner in at short notice or cut your losses for no-shows.

Increase Productivity

By offering the 'My CourseCo' app to your students and learners, you effectively transfer all of your administration back into their hands... allowing them to book and manage their courses while on the move! With the 'My CourseCo' app there's no longer a need for your team to do all of this work manually. You can eliminate end of day admin and increase productivity by instantly removing the need for your staff to return calls and emails.

With your very own branded iOS app everything is easier and more flexible. The app allows your clients to book, reschedule, and cancel their course bookings on their mobile phone or tablet. Your learners simply download and log into the app, choose an upcoming course and pay. If the learner doesn't show up to the course, your business isn't at a total loss as you collected an instant payment at the time of the booking.

Fully Customisable

On the back end, as a course provider you can enter parameters about when people can book certain courses based on your schedule, resources and available tutors. You can even block off times when certain courses may be unavailable due to holidays. 

What’s really great about the 'My CourseCo' app is that it removes a layer of administration resulting in cost savings for your business. Your learners can cancel and reschedule course bookings without having to contact you. Additionally, staff and tutors can stay in touch with each other and learners using the in-built messaging feature.

Key Features:

  • Book and manage courses

  • Instant message students and tutors

  • View Task Lists, assign ToDo’s

  • Share assignments and lesson plans

  • Get real-time performance reports

  • View up-to-date bookings per course


When it comes to reporting and operations, managers can view up-to-date course sales reports, get real-time notifications about important events and assign tasks to staff for completion.

The 'My CourseCo' app is a life saver for your learners and a mobile assistant for staff while they are out of the office or on the move. The 'My CourseCo' app can be fully customised to suit your business needs and will always have you covered.

Interested in learning more about how the 'My CourseCo' app can help your course or training business reduce administration and improve productivity? Connect with us on social media or call our product team on +353 61 513 030 today!