We're CourseCo, and this is our story

We are a small and passionate team that make great software for the course industry!
We’re in business to transform inefficiencies in companies using the latest Website and Booking technologies.

We do things right. That's how we're still around after 10 years.

We’re techies with a personal touch. We work closely with our customers, listening to their every need and constantly growing with them. Our job is to ensure that our customers have a flexible and scalable Website and Booking solution to drive their businesses forward.

And we're always moving in the right direction...

We noticed that most course providers are missing something - a good website that converts. We believe it’s time to provide course providers with the right tools, one by one, and turn their business dreams into reality.


We're growing every day. Our team is too.

Michael O'Callaghan

Key skill? Empathy
Hobbies? Long distance swimming
Favourite drink? Cappuccino
Can't live without? My Stopwatch

Tempy Allen

Key skill? Making Things Happen!
Hobbies? Running, meditating
Favourite drink? Glass of Malbec
Can't live without? My family

Mary Allen
Product Owner

Key skill? Creativity
Hobbies? Drawing
Favourite drink? Coffee
Can't live without? Chocolate

Nick Gudge
Director of Finance

Key skill? Finance + being mostly human!
Hobbies? Keeping my wife happy & Taijiquan
Favourite drink?  Raspberry Diaquiri
Can't live without? Smiling

Ratko Bucic
Ops Manager

Key skill? System administration
Hobbies? Fishing, biking
Favourite drink? Schweppes Bitterlemon
Can't live without? Internet


Project Co-Ordinator

Key skill? Bringing people together
Hobbies? Reading
Favourite drink? Coffee
Can't live without? Nature


Mohsin Rashid
Software Developer

Key skill? CSS, JS
Hobbies? Watching Movies
Favourite drink? Mochaccino
Can't live without?  Internet

Mehmet Emin Akyüz
Software Engineer

Key skill? PHP
Hobbies? Bicycle riding
Favourite drink? Water
Can't live without? Oxygen

Karen McKenna

Key skill? Researching
Hobbies? Watching sports and reading
Favourite drink? Tea

Can't live without?  My headphones

Nicholas Freeman
Business Development Executive

Key skill? Being cheerful and building relationships 
Hobbies? Reading and weight lifting
Favourite drink? Raspberry Kombucha or something with cherries
Can't live without? My wife and a gym membership

Margaret Yelverton Corr
Business Development Executive

Key skill? A strong communicator with a focus on results 
Hobbies?  Amateur Dramatics & Photography 
Favourite drink? Prosecco 
Can't live without? My Family and Friends 


Time to turn your business dream into reality...?